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Clio Cup UK publishes draft regulations

Posted on: 23/01/2020

Draft regulations for the all new Clio Cup UK race championship in 2020 have been published.

The regulations cover areas such as sporting, technical, commercial, judicial procedures and penalties. Also included is procedural guidance for events/races.

All regulations (DOWNLOAD HERE) are subject to change/update prior to the Clio Cup UK season starting in mid-May.

On the sporting side, several regulations of interest are:

  • 2 dropped scores in the outright drivers’ championship (best 12 out of 14 results to count)
  • 4 dropped scores in new Junior Cup class (for driver aged under 20)
  • Tyres: maximum of 4 new front tyres permitted per race weekend

The sporting regulations also provide an easy-to-follow guide on registering for the championship.

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